Question Sony KDL 48WD653 Main Board issue

Sep 28, 2020
I was given a TV that powered on, 6 red blinks and then nothing it's a Sony KDL 48WD653

I found online that it's often an issue with the main board, so I removed the back and found something missing from the board I will leave images below, but I have a few questions

Keep in mind I'm a complete novice when it comes to fixing TVs all i've ever needed to do was replace LED strips before and replace a main board

1. Could the missing part on the board be replaced? I have no idea what it actually is so wouldn't know where to start

2. If it can't be fixed and I replace the board, can I used any of these boards or only the exact board that was already in there, the board inside is an A2103241B but I have found boards that say they are for this TV that are labelled A2103241 and A2103241D etc

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Sep 28, 2020
Just to update, when I said about the replacement boards, there are 2 being sold online saying

KDL-48WD653 1-980-335-22 A2093494D

But the board that came out is

KDL-48WD653 1-980-335-21 A2103241B

so the question is, are they just listed wrong, or can you get multiple boards in the same TV?

This site has a list of boards and TVs compatible with it but i'm not sure about its authenticity
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