How To Sony KDL 50W829B

Apr 6, 2019
Hi, I have this TV, but I switched it on this morning and it did not work properly. The TV comes on but I see no picture only a glow from the backlit screen, can't hear anything from it, but I can't see even if I push the AV button as I had my CD player attached to it to check if any audio.

I tested the external PSU and it came out at 19.3v (rated at 19.5v) but it has a crazy electrical sounding crackling inside it.

Is there any known faults on this model?

Parts seem to be cheap on eBay at least for it, bit have no idea but the T-con board and the board that the PSU adapter fits into might be at fault? I have a multi meter by don't know how to test it.

Any help would be appreciated.
Usually an external PSU will read a bit higher than its' rating when it's not under load. If you can check the voltage when it's plugged into the TV you might see it drop when you try to turn the TV on.
The crackling noises aren't a good sign either.
Any PSU with the same voltage rating ( or say 20 volts would be close enough) and at least the same amperage should work. You could splice the connector from the original one to the replacement if it doesn't have the same plug. Check polarity to make sure that the wires are correct.