Sound coming from both headphones and speakers


Jan 23, 2016
Before you report: Yes, I have read the others. None of them worked.

I have a MSI Apache pro, with a realtek hd audio driver, the kind that will pop up with the "External audio device detected" window when anything is plugged in. Also, there is just "Speakers" on the audio devices screen. If that's disabled than no sound will play. The problem is that when the headphones are plugged in, sound will play from the headphones, but will also go through the speakers unless plugged in in a certain way. Now, it probably is a hardware problem, but is there some sort of replacement driver that can be used since sound is still coming from the headphones? i really don't want to send my computer in for repair over a headphone jack.
Thank you.
If it only works when you plug it in a 'certain way' then your output jack is the problem and a driver wouldn't help.

If the device is under warranty, depending on the turn around time, it might be wise to send it in, this way it is fixed while still covered.

Now if you really don't want to send it in to be fixed, and replacing it yourself is not an option (as you didn't mention doing the work yourself) then you can get yourself an adapter and use the USB port instead. Just needs to be 3.5mm to USB.
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