Speakers that connect to 2 devices


Aug 26, 2007

My TV and PC use the same monitor.
I'm looking for speakers that can connect to both my PC and my TV.

I want to be able to switch between the 2 without unplugging cables.

Thank you.
if you connect the speaker system to your television then you wouldnt have to unplug cables or switch the source. my family has a few sony tower speakers connected directly to the back of a tv. sound is decent but there is no subwoofer. theres a ~ 3 1/2 foot tall pair that sells for $150 on sears.com which is a good value.

another option would be to use an a/v receiver or HTiB solution. this is what i use for managing my 5.1 & dual input system. the fact that they auto-calibrate by mic is a godsend. hooking up direct to a tv doesn't offer this. overall price will be greater this route though.
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