Sprint misrepresentation Issue


Dec 23, 2015
My LG phone broke and I went into my provider, Sprint and wanted to get another LG. I was told that Samsung was abetter phone and that they had a promotion that I would receive a FREE Samsung tablet if I got the SAmsung Galaxy S6. So, of course I got the Samsung. However I found out that I was being billed for the Tablet and that I was being charged for data, etc. I also found out that they had assigned a phone number to my tablet. I asked three times about it being Free at the time in the store. I asked if there were any strings attached, etc. I was told "No" that the table was completely FREE. Well where I come from Free is free. I have gone around and around with Sprint and the store and all I got was a completely different story each time. Why do these carriers feel compelled to lie? I want out of Sprint as they refuse to do anything about it. How can people get out of a contract with a carrier that pulls stunts like this. Not to mention the number of dropped calls I get in my hometown in Massachusetts. Assume that every word I've said is true - what recourse do customers have?
Did you get anything in writing? It's not essential, but it would make it easier.

You should be able to take them to something like a small claims court, or there may be a special telecommunications dispute resolution group. I'm not in the US, sorry.


Yes they can get you a "free" tablet, if you sign it up for the data plan. Nothing much to do here except call up their support, tell them that the store did not explain that you would be charger a fee for data and have them turn it off, probably would need to return the tablet, if they can't do it, ask for a supervisor. I was offered a "free" tablet at Verizon also. With the provision that it will be added to my contract under the data plan for $10 a month or whatever it was.

You can put in a complaint to the Better Business Bureau as well as contact the state consumer protection, for MA is here http://www.mass.gov/ago/bureaus/public-protection-and-advocacy/the-consumer-protection-division/

You can also make sure that whoever you talk to at Sprint knows that you will be taking those actions if they don't remove the device from your bill due to misrepresentation by their sales staff at the store.
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