Sprint Shutting Down Nextel Network in 2013

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Apr 14, 2010
[citation][nom]whysobluepandabear[/nom]Yup, I enjoy it, so you better start digging a moat, because they're not going anywhere, anytime soon. The $10 is for DATA that smartphones consume at a much higher rate than traditional phones. It also allows us to keep everything unlimited. No throttle. No cap. How you're complaining is beyond me. It's also amazing how you don't qualify for a discount. Go join a damn credit union and you'll get 10% off every month, plus have the activation and upgrade fees waived. That's assuming you don't get a better one from your employer. Hell, go get a job at Burger King and quit - you'll get a 25% discount. Go work for Chase and get a 27% discount. I like how you bitch and moan about personal attacks, yet you try doing the same - but too bad I'll never complain about someone calling me a kid. Just don't carry around this whole "Holier than thou" type of complex, when you're being a hypocrite and are doing the same, snide remarks. All I ask is for you to shut up about how I supposedly call you names and "attack" you. You don't seem to understand....you're paying the $10 for data. Doesn't matter what speed it is. It is the ONLY national carrier with unlimited, unthrottled data. It's also the cheapest from a national carrier with that included. T-mobile may be the same, or cheaper in some areas, but they're not unlimited data - and are pretty moot, seeing as 2GB is a joke. You also must live in California, because only in California does T-mobile even have a decent playing field in terms of coverage. No, any intelligent person would see me as one rogue person, and not take me literally for how the company, as a whole, acts. It's amazing you don't see that - maybe It's because I'm telling you to go get lost. 115/65. I also don't have to get mad or irritated to talk to you like I currently am. I'm actually quite calm. I'm more relatable to the Hulk when I'm pissed - so you haven't seen anything yet - stop acting like I'm some raging lunatic; you're vastly underestimating and evaluating me - if I was raging, you'd know it. And no, they're not dumping anymore money into WiMax. If you're in a WiMax area, you'll still get coverage. Eventually, WiMax will follow in the iDEN footsteps. It'll be phased out, and everyone will smoothly transition - even be given opportunities and discounts to get off their WiMax device. They're actually going to support it for far longer than they probably should. This is common sense though, and anyone with a downie IQ could've said what I just did about the WiMax. Of course you're not going to be left in the dust, and the current devices probably won't even be around by the time they decide to turn it off (and I'm talking YEARS from now - probably 3 to be exact). By then, all the WiMax devices will have gotten out of most of the markets hands (Who really hangs onto a smartphone these days for more than they have to?) and they're not making anymore WiMax devices specifically - so if a phone is released, it's be a WiMax/LTE hybrid - but more than likely, just LTE. Any the good news: the WiMax network will be given a much needed alleviation - being much less congested, meaning faster speeds.[/citation]

Did you really type all that and only use one curse word? See we are making progress. I am sorry you have to get on the internet and yell at people you don't even know and call them bad names. You do seem to know something about your job, which could come in handy for you and others one day. I am definately not a holy roller, I find the whole thing comical myself. Do you not see the dillema customers could face from this changeover? Buying a 400 dollar phone is no biggy for me, I have used the one I have for almost 2 years now, and in the time it has been used and abused. Picking out a replacement phone after the contract runs out is trivial, my work, family, friends, home, everywhere I go has wifi. That is why my data usage is low...other plans allow this for much less now than Sprint. It will be interesting to see in the future where this goes price wise. I see plans becoming more competitive and the smaller providers being pushed out of the way. What good is truely unlimited if you can't get a signal to use it? interesting how other providers dont have the "premium data fee" separate on the bill.Verizon and att aren't really an option, they both nickel and dime you to death for every little thing.


Sep 6, 2008
We should be actively shutting down 2G networks now, like what Docomo did in Japan. It frees up more spectrum for other purposes which can better serve the society now.


Apr 20, 2011
[citation][nom]thillntn[/nom]More personal attacks, that is grand. No basis other than you hate your job apparently. The 10 dollar per line is my whole point...if you do the math that is 480 dollars for 2 lines on a 2 year contract.What did I get for that? The promise of a better network. Has that happened? No. These are true points that cannot be ignored, please leave the rational discussion up to adults. So after not being able to use the device on the "new network" the customer paid for, we are suppose to just sweep that under the rug? I don't see that happening. I do see a reasonable person talking to me when I go in to discuss my contract renewal(if I go that route). I can't believe someone would get on a forum and say they work for Sprint and act they way you have, you may not understand business ethics, but you are speaking for the company when you do that. I have been to the verizon store, I didn't buy their spill. I analyze and look at things, and when they are not met people go other places. You should be careful of your blood pressure, you could hurt yourself. Since you work for Sprint, and know what the game plan is, you tell me...are they expanding wimax still? are they going to LTE only with the nextel disbanded? What about all the 4g devices sold that will be in limbo? What is the game plan? Can you tell me anything about strategy or am i just to hear more name calling?[/citation]

Seriously, even with the $10 charge, my bill is affordable, especially for UNCAPPED, UNLIMITED data usage. First off, no other big-name player offers that.Second, all other things equal, Sprint is still cheaper than the other guys. Stop bitching and stop spamming the comments. I told you look up the article on Sprint Vision; they are keeping WiMAX for their pre-paid networks, and they will most likely expand it with modular towers. You aren't going to see better service overnight because this is an entire nation-wide network OVERHAUL, not a simple upgrade. Big surprise, this takes time (and a lot of money).
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