Question Suggestions for ditching Spectrum cable

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Dec 31, 2007
Since Spectrum seems to enjoy jacking up its prices every month, I'm considering ditching them except for internet service (only game in town). We have their Silver TV package and we don't watch HBO, Showtime or NFL Network. We seldom record any programs so their "HD-DVR" isn't needed. The modem is a Hitron EN2251 and the router is an Askey RAC2V1K 802.11ac Wave 2. The only "must have" channels are MSNBC, HGTV, Hallmark, & Magnolia (when momma's happy, everyone's happy) and Motor Trend, USA (poppa loves his Premier League), Smithsonian, and BBC America. TMI? Maybe.
As Spectrum will be further jacking it's prices by sixty bucks a month soon, I'd like to "cut the cord". What suggestions or recommendations do the Maven's of the Ether have?
I've only used a Roku device, but it covers most of what I need. Checking on the channel listing you provided, most are available in some flavor or another, however, I don't think all are free. As a test, I added the MSNBC Live channel to my Roku and when I opened it, it was only a 10 minute daily preview. I assume if you want to watch more, you have to subscribe (likely at a cost).

You would need reliable WiFi wherever your TV is located as the Roku device will plug into an HDMI port on your TV and needs to connect via WiFi to stream content.

Depending on what you want, your initial outlay for the device can be as little as $25 for a Roku Express (HD) or as much as $1000+ for a Roku TV. Overall, I'd probably rate the service at around a 6/10 which isn't that bad considering all you can get for free.

-Wolf sends
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