Switching between inputs changes audio but not always picture


Sep 22, 2016
This is a sometimes happens, sometimes doesn't thing. I have a Samsung smart tv with a Yamaha surround sound, and a PS4. If I turn the Tv/Surround on, then the PS4, all is (usually) good. But if I do PS4 first, then Tv/Surround, the TV won't pick up the picture signal. I can hear my PS4 when I go to that input, but it won't change the TV (or something) and I get no picture.

I turn everything on and off a bunch of times, sometimes just the surround, sometimes just the TV, and after messing with the on and off for 5 minutes, I eventually end up with picture, but never sure how I got it back.

Setup wise, I got Ps4 going to my surround. Then surround to my TV.

Any suggestions?
HMDI can have issue with the order you turn on or switch to an input.
Try turning off the CEC function on the TV. Samsung may have their own name for this. It allows equipment to interact over the HDMI connection, Often doesn't work correctly since there is no standard from one maker to another.


Sep 22, 2016
Thanks americanaudiophile. I found "Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)," but when I turn that off it disconnects the surround, and won't find it in the speaker list. Is there a different port I should be using? I'm using HDMI ARC for surround to TV.
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