Taskbar in Windows 11

Jul 22, 2022
Hi guys, just new here. I hope this is the wright place to put my question.
So ok, here is the problem. I'm working with windows 11 Pro on a triple screen setup. Mostly for about 95 % in a surround setup. I play the game EuroTruck simulator. When I want to use the taskbar only in the middle screen in the surround setup, it not work. It go good when I install for the first time the nvdia driver or when I set the surround environment but every time after a reboot or a restart the taskbar spreading over my 3 monitors. In windows 10 no problem but on windows 11 not working.

I almost try anything what is possible and I find a solution what is not a good one but ok it works, let me explain. When I set the taskbar in the middle screen and in the windows settings I set that the taskbar has to disappear then it work but that is not what I really want. So have one off you the same problem and have a good solution ?

My setup :
Windows 11 Pro
3 x LG 27GN800 Ultragear - QHD IPS Gaming Monitor - 144hz - 27 inch monitors
3 x displayport cables
Inno3D GeForce RTX 3060 Ti iCHILL X3 RED

I hope somebody can help me here, thanks
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