TCL 6 series vs. P series quality control

Jun 18, 2018
I'm in the market for a budget-conscious 55" TV. The TCL P series seems to be pretty universally praised for the price. It also seems like the new TCL 6 series is even better than the discontinued P series in some regards on paper, but I seem to be finding a concerning amount of claims of issues like DSE, dead pixels, uniformity problems, etc. Maybe I’m imagining things but it doesn’t seem like I’ve seen nearly as many issues of reports with the P series. Has the QC slipped in recent times? I’m debating whether to go with a used/refurbished P series or a likely new 6 series. Obviously I could theoretically deal with returns/exchanges with a new 6, but it would be great to save some money if I don’t need to worry as much about issues with the P.


Any budget set will have a decent number of issues, if you are worried about that, get something from a better brand. I have had good experience with Vizio for a cheaper TV, owned a couple and all were OK. TCL, Polaroid, RCA, etc.. I would expect to break or have issues when new at a higher rate than any major brand that uses better components.