Terrible Lenovo Service


Jan 9, 2018
Before I start yapping, this review is based on the level of service only, I understand that out of all the thousands of consumers, I was probably the unlucky one, however, I am just informing the world and other consumers that YOU could also be unlucky.

The Problem:
2 weeks after purchasing the laptop, the product had to be sent back to germany for repair and in all honesty, Lenovo handled it pretty well.

However, it came all came crashing down, when Lenovo took 3 months to send the Laptop back, frequent calls were made (at least 50) to Lenovo service center about the problem and nothing was done (take account of the increase of my phone bill when each call awas over an hour or so) The only response during that time was that my problem was begin 'escalated' and this was the only response they used. It seems to be Lenovo really doesn't care if your Laptop went missing, when you are a working client that is not in possession of a working computer system , how are you expect to get any work done!?

Worst part was that a 2 months into the waiting game, I was informed that my product had been sent to the wrong address. Now, pretty much this goes against all codes of privacy when my Laptop was in another person's possession, I mean, really? This pretty much unacceptable. I have to now change ALL my passwords for Banking and Ecommerce just incase if I get hacked, but that doesn't stop me thinking that someone might have entered my laptop and have taken in all my personal details.

3 months later, I finally get my Laptop back and I cant refund it because it has been over a month's period. Yet accounting for all that time I never had the product in my possession for at least 2 weeks.

Final thoughts
All in all, the service provided was disgusting, what I have to address is this may not happen to all customers but I would like to remind you that you just might be that person. So to each and everyone one of you out there, please think again before purchasing Lenovo's products as you may have to go through Lenovo's terrible service ( I have to say, I'm not the first one on this forum to complain, check out the other threads!)

But hey, thats just my two cents.


Jun 27, 2017
im unsure about the legality of returns, but if you returned the product due to fault before the refund period, regardless of if they had it in repair or not, then they should honor the returns policy.

UNFORTUNATELY, you bought lenovo. they are sht, they most likely wont care. Trustpilot does not lie. lenovo does.
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