Thanks to those in Europe!



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Now that I've had a few days of rest from my European travels, I'd like
to publicly thank those Commodore and Amiga people who took care of me in
my journeys.

At the Commodore Show in the Netherlands, co-organizer Ron van Schaik
kept me fed and filled with Coca-Cola. Hans Dussel, Commodore enthusiast,
made sure I didn't get lost, translated for me, and drove me around.

For the Monastery Party 2005 in the Czech Republic, Henry, the organizer's
brother, picked me up at the airport and let me stay in his apartment when
I first got to Prague. Then Tomas "Lord Hypnos" Vondracek and Oliver
"Seti" drove me the 6+ hours to Opava the next day. David "SaD" Cwik,
organizer of the party, gave me the "best" room in the house, and provided
food and drink all weekend. Finally, Tomas and Oliver drove me back to
Prague, and I spent my final night with Tomas and his fiance, Marie, at
their apartment. Marie provided a nice dinner that night. The next
morning Tomas and Marie brought me back to the airport.

In Germany, Dirk Klettke and Arndt Oevermann met me at the Dusseldorf
Airport and brought me to Dirk's apartment in Werner. Dirk made a late
dinner for me, and the next day, he led me on the train to Bochum for
their weekly Commodore meeting in the "Bunker" (Diengenstreff).
Afterwards, I stayed another night back at Dirk's apartment.

At the Commodore Scene meeting in Garforth, Leeds, England, Commodore
Scene editor Allan Bairstow paid for both nights of my stay at the local
Travel Inn. He also picked me up from the airport and paid for a very
big breakfast at Sainsburys and a big lunch at the Swan Carvery. That
night he drove us attendees to the renown Indian restaurant, the Aargaah,
where we had another big meal.

When I arrived for the SEAL (South Essex Amiga Link) meeting, Robert
Williams, editor of Total Amiga magazine, picked me up at the Benfleet
train station, gave me dinner, drove me to the SEAL meeting in Basildon,
and let me stay overnight in his house. The next day he drove me back to
the station.

Finally, last but not least, I'd like to thank Peter Hanson, the Plus/4
King of England, for his friendship. He picked me up at the London
airports, drove me around, made sure I was fed, and let me stay at
his father's house (thanks, Mr. Wally Hanson, for housing me!). Peter
led me on the train to meet up with FCUG member, Selwyn Aston, and
Selwyn led us on a tour of Oxford Street and the Eye in London. Peter
and I also journeyed up to Chelmsford, where we met gaming enthusiast
Mike Vainola.

If it were not for the hospitality of the above people and all the others
I have not named, I would have had a much more difficult time in my
journeys. I had met many of the people before in past trips, but some
were new to me. In other words, I was a stranger. It is amazing that
they greeted this stranger as a friend, that for a day or two or three
they let me enter their lives. What great, trusting, wonderful people!
What newfound friends! And all of us connected by our common Commodore/
Amiga bond! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

All of them have an open invitation to come to California, and I'll show
them some California hospitality!

A more detailed report later,
Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group


Archived from groups: comp.sys.cbm,alt.c64, (More info?)

>I'll show
>them some California hospitality!

You're going to shoot at them on the freeway?!?