The FAA Changed Rules for Google's Project Glass Stunt

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Apr 21, 2010
"In addition to the additional rules,"...
The additions keep adding up...

Glasses are cool. You got your stunt, now get the glasses to the masses.
Next project: eyeball implants (a-la- eyePhone).


Actually they had a behind the scenes jump on Thursday where they showed the handheld dishes for the jumpers that were adjusted by the dish operates as the jumpers fell.


Honestly, super boring. Sky diving has been recorded before... *yawn*. Practical uses for the every day user is prob a better angle. For instance, can I wear them while being pulled over by a cop? Can I wear them in Illinois in plain view of officers performing law enforcement duties? Or am I likely to have them confiscated, because I happen to be strolling along wearing Google Glass and police are responding to a situation nearby?
How many auto accidents will be caused by drivers who are distracted with these unnecessary glasses? How many pedestrians & bike riders will be injured or killed?


Everyone on the Jump got a healthy dose of radiation from the satellite dish focused on them. Also, if I ever become a bazillionaire too, I want my own Zeppelin.


Jan 23, 2010
That is a neat stunt, however it was a crap demo, it showed nothing new. It emulated a head mounted camera which streamed video, it didn't show anything unique to the product they are trying to hype. I would have been impressed if the video showed the HUD with some sort of information such as the weather conditions. They mentioned they had to check the wind. That would have been a perfect time for them to show off the capabilities of this product. As a good demo it failed, as a stunt it succeeded.


Sep 21, 2010
Stingstang, you must not be a big fan of Chinese cuisine. A wok is a wide, shallow, bowl-shaped cooking vessel. Kind of like a skillet but with a curved, rather than flat, bottom. In other words, a fairly efficient ad-hoc reflector for antennas.


Nov 3, 2009
[citation][nom]sewalk[/nom]...In other words, a fairly efficient ad-hoc reflector for antennas...[/citation]
I drilled a hole in the bottom of my mom's wok when I was young...I ran an antenna through it and beamed 802.11g almost a half-mile. Good times...but she was PISSED. :D
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