There are currently no settings that could be changed


Nov 22, 2015
Hello guys!
I have Asus K52Je (it´s laptop)
Intel I3 M350 @ 2,27
4 Gb of DDR3 RAM
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 512 MB
Win 7 64bit service pack 1

My problem is that, the AMD CCC doesn´t open, instead it says: There are currently no settings, that could be changed.
Why I need to fix this?
My PC is little bit *****, as you can see. And I want to play CS:GO on 4:3 resolution for better FPS. But I don´t like those black bars, so I want to have it stretched. But CCC won´t open. When I play 16:9 I have only 40-60 FPS. I heard that 4:3 stretched can boost FPS. I watched some tuts on YT but any of those didn´t work. I don´t know what to do. :( When I try to update GPU drivers I have only wery dark screen. Does anybody have this problem or smthing similar?
PS: Sorry for English I´m from Sloavakia :)
I really apriciate any help from you :)

Try doing a clean install of the graphics card driver.
- Go to Device Manager and uninstall AMD graphics.
- Open Program and Features then uninstall anything related to AMD graphics.
- Download and install the latest driver there is.
- Here's the link:
- Reboot the laptop once installed then after the restart make sure to set your games to run using AMD processor.


Nov 22, 2015
OK so I tried your method, but my screen was after installing the latest updates was again dark. So I unninstalled it again and downloaded some older drivers. Now is my screen stuck at 4:3 resolution. I can´t put in on 16:9. Does nobody know what shall I do now? :(
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