three key not orking

NOTE: If you need to type in a password to even get into Windows to do the following, make sure you attached an external keyboard first, to get past the password. Then disconnect the external keyboard and try the following...

1. Uninstall the keyboard driver.
2. Reboot the computer (without reinstalling the driver).
3. When it restarts, it should reinstall the driver on its own.

If this doesn't work, you may wish to try connecting/reconnecting an external keyboard and see if it works fine. If it does, then it could be the keys themselves that are the issue.

You may also want to try updating the Synaptics Driver if the above doesn't help.



Looks like more than that, W, S is also not working from the way your post is, is that correct? Unless you just don't like typing those letters. If you look at the layout, S and W are under the 3, which leads to the thought your keyboard is bad.