Question Throttlestop problems, cpu damage, or something else?


Jun 9, 2017
Ok in my msi gp63 leopard with an i7 8750h I have the cache and core set to -.1582 and gpu, unslice and system agent set to -.0703.

Until 24 hours ago everything worked fine. I have every setting known to people turned to max performance and power. Prior to 24 hours ago my FID wouldn't go under 38 for any core and would even jump to just shy of 41 if allowed. Since then though the fid has dropped as low as 32 for cores and intermittently drops to as low as 24 for a few seconds.

I used to get between 1205 to 1230 in cinebench r15 but now it's between 1140 and 1190.

Did I accidentally damage my processor? Over usage? Registry file I need to change? What?

Thank you very much.


Jun 9, 2017

Also using the ThrottleStop benchmark I used to get between 6.2 and 6.3 seconds for the 64m 12 thread normal priority test now I'm getting between 6.6 and 6.7.

Also with the 256M test I used to get 24 to 25 seconds now it's 27 to 28 seconds.

Also during those two cinebench r15 scores I got 1107 and 1096! Used to get between 1205 on a bad day and 1230 at best. Either way that's still an overall 10% performance loss.

I am wondering if it has something to do with the power adapter because i kinda forced it in/pressed hard into the laptop last time I plugged it back in after being on battery.

Here's how throttlestop and my laptop were working back just on March 28th. Hardly ever a drop below a multiplier of 39:

Here's the next bit. This time I realized something. I have cinebench r15 and throttlestop installed on my external 4tb usb 3 western digital hard drive. I had five megabytes a second files downloading from the windows store onto my external hard drive while running the previous tests. However I paused the downloads before doing this test. This time I got 1192 and then 1213 on cinebench and on ts bench 64M I got 6.29 seconds and 6.35 seconds. Can downloads affect throttlestop? Here's from midnight to 12:18 my time:
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