Time has come to an upgrade, need some guidance


Feb 22, 2017
Hello all, I am a programmer that has been using my mac for a the past few years. I do IOS programming also a lot of windows VM software development from web to desktop applications.

At the years I been using my mac has served me well with minor upgrades like HDD and memory. But as of now my laptop is basically dead. I am still going to hold it to do my ios coding but I am desperately i need to get a new PC.

So coming today I am going to get a decent laptop that I can use for a significant time. But being away from the market I have lost track and see so many options felt like asking and getting some suggestions.
I am looking for 15 inch laptop with 16gb that i can upgrade to 32 when i need it (or 32 now :D), a decent grafic card (im guessing something like GTX 1060 and up) that should support me for the follow few years that can at least let me play some games on low settings since game requirements go up so fast, at least 512 ssd.

im planning to spend 1500 to 2000 on this.
Im thinking of getting a asus or msi but do not have a preference on the brand, but just a reliable and well known brand.

maybe something like (but no clue if this is even any good)

Thank you for the help,