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Aug 10, 2019

First time poster here! It looks like this is probably the best smart home forum for Australia, so I was hoping for some advise about a home we're trying to make smart. I've done quite a bit of reading and thought about what we need, so I hope this might help!!

Priorities for the smart home system are:
  • Ability to program advanced functions (that continue to work even when internet is down),
  • Controllable from 'normal' light switches, thermostat, etc and also from a central panel of some sort
  • Reliable performance once successfully programmed.
  • I don't care which communication technology(ies) the system uses as long as it works and is relatively future-proof!!
Devices/features to control include:
  • Video door locks, including a lock on garden door at the front of the property
  • Light switches: ideally look like conventional Australian switches. Clipsal Iconic look appealing. Orro could be an interesting alternative though!! The house is 1970s and I don't know if switches have a neutral wire.
  • Power outlet control (for lamps, appliances etc). Again, Clipsal Iconic look good.
  • Entertainment system. Current TV and Amp are old, so would be best to use infrared blasters until we upgrade one day in the future.
  • Play music via in-roof (or similar) speaker system, which we haven't chosen yet. House has a flat roof, so may have to be wall-mounted speakers.
  • Air conditioner and heater smart control, including add-on zoning. There's currently no zoning but we need it due to poor airflow distribution in the original design. Keen smart vents or similar seem appealing, although it's over-head piping with square outlets.
  • Smart blinds. Some are very, very large windows, some are lean-to windows, and some will need to be black-out blinds for shift workers!
  • Outdoor motion sensors and associated lights.
  • Possibly, the need for a light/temperature activated awning to shade a huge northern window.
  • Future garden devices (?water fountains... sprinklers... who knows).
Thanks for any pointers!!!!!!
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