Toshiba HD/SSD PASSWORD not working?


Nov 11, 2013
Hi, I had this Toshiba computer for about 5 months, the whole time I had a hard drive password on there, and was always fine. I then sold my laptop to my friend, and I changed the hard drive password for him so he would be able to access it with his own password, when I had tested the new password (twice), was working perfectly.

However the screen was broken, so they had to get it repaired, now a month later (they had not used the computer at all since they got it), its asking for another password ... first it asks for the first password "Password =" so they type in the password, and then it says "Certified.", however right after it says "HDD/SSD Password =" .... before it would only ask for 1 password, once typed in, the computer would boot up. We have tried to type in the same password as the first one, however says its incorrect, we have even tried to type in my previous password that I had set when I was using the laptop, and its still saying its incorrect. Please help