Toshiba Laptop keys don't type, shut down and start up, its fine! Help!


Feb 3, 2017
Hi, The Toshiba laptop is on and I work on it fine..... Then I would shut the lid after doing my work, but don't shut the programmes down, just the screen lid. Then every now and again, when I open the lid, I hit return to enter my password, but no letters show when I type so I can't get into my work! The mousepad moves the mouse just fine and clicks fine. If I toggled the caps lock the light goes off and on, and it shows on screen cap locks on/off when I do it, so there is some connection happening as it recognises that, but the letters wont type when pressed, I can't get in to save my work, and the only option is to restart the laptop and hope everything I've done has saved. Any ideas why sometimes the keys just wont type? Nothing on Google is showing anything to be common... Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!