Toshiba Satellite A105 S4011 New Battery


Oct 22, 2012
Hey guys, been a while since I've been here, but yeah, here I come to you guys with yet another problem at hand. So my Toshiba Satellite laptop is 9 years old, and as you can imagine the battery won't last at all. So I'm looking to buy a new battery for it on Amazon. Unfortunately, so far I've found ONLY ONE battery for my specific model, there are batteries for other A105 models but I only found one specific to the S4011. I was wondering if I could use another model's battery on mine, for example use a Satellite A105 S4012 battery on a Satellite A105 S4011 (my laptop). I would love to know if the batteries for other models is universal compatible with all A105 computers. There are SO many batteries for all A105 models except mine :( So any feedback will be greatly appreciated. I would love it if I could use other A105 laptop batteries on my A105 S4011. Although there's nothing I could do about it if it wasn't possible. Thanks in advance.


@ cherideng if you want to made plublicity for your shop you must contact the advertising department ,we use the forum to help people with computer and electronic issue and not as a commercial point .