Toshiba Satellite auto-turns off.


Aug 21, 2012
I'll explain this very carefully even with the details that might seem irrelevant so that maybe the symptoms point towards a more clear cause.

It started this tuesday.

I left my laptop on for 6 hours or so while idle on a game, came back and I found the game disconnected me, probably due to the wifi dying or smth, so then I proceeded to turn it off.

For the next few hours I was on my desktop with the laptop next to me, I thought it was my imagination but I saw the power cable light blink every now and then. (Important note: This laptop has been working solely with the AC cable all this time, the battery is missing)

When I tried to use my laptop again, I proceeded to press the power button, I would notice how the second light (the "on" one) would only turn on for 1 second, then immediately turn off. Subsequent attempts wouldn't even work, and even the other light (the one that indicates that the power cable is connected to the laptop) would also turn off for some time.

Anyway, in the attempts where the "on" light was briefly turning on, it was as if the laptop was trying to turn on and then auto shutting down. I read in some forums that holding the power button for some time can fix this, and oddly enough, when I did this, the laptop seemed to stay on slightly longer, until I noticed a "tick" noise, then it would turn off again. This would happen a bit more until it slowly degenerated back into the first scenario (power light stays on for 1 second or less).

I stopped using it entirely for 2 days, and when I tried to turn it on again today, it stayed on long enough for the Toshiba and 'windows didn't close correctly' window to appear (2 options: repair startup or start windows normally), shortly after this it turned off (tried twice, one for both options, windows seemed to start loading just fine in the latter case).

When it autoshut off those 2 times, I heard that noise again. It seems like an easy to pinpoint fix, I wonder if any of you could help figure out what could it possible be?

Laptop randomly started to auto-shutdown within 1 second of it being turned on, it only uses the AC cable, holding down power button seemed to slightly increase the window in which it stayed on, and not using it for 1-2 days also seemed to increase that window even further so that it stayed on long enough for the Toshiba screen to appear.

In all of these cases, subsequent attempts to turn the laptop on would result in shorter windows of the laptop actually staying on (not like the time frames were that long to begin with).
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