Toshiba Satellite laptop doesn't turn on


Jan 2, 2017
My Toshiba Satellite L50 - B931 is about 2 years old and a few months ago it started to take longer to boot up, like 10 minutes or so and then it started to take much longer from like an hour to 3/4 hours, and during that time the screen was off but the power button was lit up and when it did turn on, the Toshiba logo came up and then Windows booted up like normal. There was a Windows update which I started to download, it said my laptop will restart so it turned off and then it turned on again, the same thing happened. I left it to do its job but it turns off by itself after a while. I tried again and again but it doesn't turn on. The screen isn't turned on but the power button is lit up.
Sounds like you have stuff on the device that is either to much left over from programs installed and then removed, or there is stuff you don't want. Viruses, malware, bad programs, etc.

Try starting up the device in "Safe Mode" and see if it loads fine. If it does then the problem is likely not hardware. If that is the case, reboot out of "Safe Mode" and start running some good deep virus checks as well as malware checks. You should also check your start up info and see what is loading that doesn't need to be. To do that go to "Start" and in the search bar type "msconfig" (without the quotes). Click that program in the list that comes up and you will be able to see what is loading when you start the device and when windows starts.

You want to look at the "General", "Services" and "Startup" tabs. Now don't turn anything off unless you are absolutely sure you know what it is. To get more info on what area is for what, click the "Help" button at the bottom of the window.