Toshiba Satellite P75-A7200 blue screen help


Jan 6, 2014
Hi, I was streaming a movie last night on my Toshiba Satellite p75-a7200 laptop, and when the movie ended, I stepped out for a few minutes. When I came back, the laptop had blue has a white vertical stripe running through it. My first thought was that it looked almost as if the screen had been damaged somehow, but that was impossible because it was exactly how I had left it a couple minutes before.

I run malware and virus scans regularly and haven't installed anything recently. I don't really use my laptop for anything other than entertainment purposes (playing movies and music and surfing the web).

It turns on and off still, but all I see is that blue-ish white-ish screen. I can't access the home screen or any other display. I tried taking the battery out for a bit, too, but that didn't help. I don't really know what else to do. It is only one year old, and of course the warranty just expired about a week ago. Does anyone have any insight into what may have happened and if there is a fix? I've looked into other threads and some people mention checking the GPU temperatures? I don't know how to do this, but wonder if it is something I should look into doing while the computer is in its current state.

Thank you!


Sep 9, 2009
You got a board level issue and it only has Intel for graphics but something went bad. It could be something as simple as bad ram or something worse so contact customer service for an RMA which means you will be out of a laptop for two or three weeks if it goes in for service.


Sep 16, 2009
dear a_e_j
I`m writing here from Germany, where I was told I can not get Recovery Media for my P75-A7200 because I bought it in the States.
My Win8 won`t boot , and no tool can find a valid Windows partition (I was in the process of shrinking C drive and creating second partition with Easeus PM, when something went wrong, and HD cannot be recovered )
Could you (or anyone reading this , who has my Toshiba model), please provide me a copy of Recovery media (preferably USB) ...that I could download through DropBox ?
I am slowly getting desperate...otherwise I`ll just have to go out and buy a new Win 8 OEM and reinstall everything :(
Kinest regards,
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