Toshiba Satellite | Weird Startup: Black Screen, HDD and fan running with no display

Megzari Nassim

Apr 7, 2017
I have a problem on my laptop: Black screen on startup.

First, story time:
So I was playing on my laptop, and suddenly, the laptop gives me a BSOD. Had happened for a while since I upgraded to Windows 10. I was planning on reinstalling it, so I ignore the BSOD's and kept using it unitil I got the time to reinstall (doing all the backup and stuff). So I don't usually read the error messages. Unfortunately, on the last one, I switched off the laptop, but "poof", it doesn't start. The laptop starts, I hear the HDD starting, the fan starts but then keeps a constant speed (usually it goes fast then slow, it does its thing). The screen is legitimately off (no on screen but displaying black) . The LEDs go on, but after a few seconds, the HDD LED goes off. No matter what I've done, it acts the exact same way.

Here's what I've tried so far:
-Removing the RAM, and starting with each one at once: Nothing;
-Removing the HDD and starting: Nothing;
-Unplugging the battery and charging cable and replugging them: Nothing;
-Starting only with the charging cable only: Nothing;
-Cleaning the laptop: Nothing (even though I don't think I did it well because it's a laptop);
-Removing battery and cable and holding power button for 5 minutes: Nothing;
-Plugging the laptop on HDMI or VGA on different displays (monitors and TVs): Nothing;

What I haven't tried:
-Doing the CMOS reset thing (don't know how to do);
-Checking the processor or motherboard (don't how to either)
-I'd check the BIOS as some would tell me to, but I have no access to it (black screen remember ?)

I might have forgot some things, if I remember I'll add them on later.

Here's my laptop specs:
-Intel core i3 2.13 Ghz
-AMD radeon HD 4500/5000
-8 GB of RAM (2 sticks of 4 GB)
-600 GB HDD
-Old system: Windows 7 64bits
-New system: Windows 10 64bits

If you need something else just ask and I'll provide it if I can. Since my laptop won't start, I can't access some information, so keep that in mind please.
In hope of someone helping me solve this issue, I thank any person who tried to help me.
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