Toshiba tv Sound Low

Sep 29, 2018
I bought a Toshiba Tv a year ago
The volume does not change, meaning that it is impossible to increase and remain low to medium
Initially it was so good the sound is now just like a computer that sounds

I did everything I needed on the tv device
But the sound is still low
What to do?
Are u sure is the TV and not you? :D

Highly unusual I tell you that, electronics either don't fail or fails completely, but not in between. So when u hit the remote, does the "bar/numeral" goes up and down? Have you physically relocated the TV from when it was new? have you vacuum that sucker?

OK, if nothing works, a nice soundbar maybe in your soon shopping list.
Sep 29, 2018
The sound does not change when I press the Remote
The Remote works fine.
And the volume to the end and it still sounds low.
It was not like this when I first bought the Tv
It only happened last month

Even in headphones that I have it does not manage to increase the sound
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