Trouble Deciding on a Laptop


May 26, 2013
Hello all! I am a Computer Science student with an internship this summer in a different state. I am looking at upgrading to a new laptop not only for entertainment and gaming over the summer (since I will not be bringing my desktop) but one that will also be able to run multiple programs at once and run heavy algorithms. I am heading into my senior year and will start my senior project which will require a lot of work. I am really not all that great with hardware and have not kept up with specs in the recent years.

Question: Could anyone recommend a decent gaming laptop with an i5 or higher processor in the range of $800?

Johnson Mike

May 4, 2016
From above 3 I like Dell laptop most because it has quad core i5 processor inside which outputs equivalent (or more) power than some of the i7 processors. Another reason is it has 256GB SSD storage which is far more faster hence better over Hard Drives. Last but not least, it costs less than all 3 of them.