Troubleshoot Sony Bravia TV to Onkyo Receiver


Oct 18, 2016
Hi - I'm clueless and desperate to sort - We have just bought a Sony Bravia KDL-50W800C TV and want to connect to our Onkyo Receiver TX-SR508 so we can listen to TV through stand alone speakers. And to complicate even further we run Foxtel through HDMI 2 and also want to hear that through the speakers, not the TV speakers. I have an HDMI cable and another cable with red & white & yellow ends. I have gone into the TV settings and changed Sounds to Audio System but can't seem to make it work. Any clever people out there who can help? I have pictures of the units if required. Thanks, Tracey
That receiver has a ton of inputs, you can either route the devices to the receiver and put the HDMI out to the TV and use the receiver to change sources, or run the digital out on the tv to the digital in on the receiver.
As hang-the-9 says you have more than one way to connect the TV and receiver.
I would suggest you connect the Foxtel box to the receiver with HDMI. If you have other sources do the same with them. Connect the receiver HDMI output to the TV HDMI ARC input. This get sound from the internal TV tuner and smart apps back to the receiver with the same HDMI cable that get the picture to the TV. You will have to turn this feature on in the TV, turn the TV speakers off, and select it as your source on the receiver when you want sound from the TV tuner and smart apps. Some TVs don't send all the sound out so check you owners manual.