Question Trying to activate a customer-returned Tracfone TCL LX

Aug 1, 2020

I am new to this forum, just looking for some help and advice. I operate a discount grocery store, where we purchase damaged / dated / returned merchandise from major chain retailers like Meijer and Harris Teeter for discount resale. We occasionally find consumer electronics, and recently pulled a new Tracfone TCL LX out of some mixed merchandise. On the box is a return label from the store that says "did not activate."

I called Tracfone, and they said it's listed as inactive. The only way they will help me is if I have the original receipt (not possible, since I have no idea where it was purchased). Otherwise it's a parts phone.

Seems a shame, brand new in box but you can't activate it. Is there any way to get a phone rescanned to provide legitimacy? It is not blacklisted, I checked.