Trying to Connect HP laptop via HDMI(cracked screen)


Dec 26, 2015
My laptop has a broken screen... It's bent a little too and I have no idea how I would replace that on my own so eventually i'd like to fix it but in the mean time I have a Vga cord and a Hdmi cord. The vga cord usually works and I can use the function key with the f4 key and connect it just fine... But the problem is I mainly use that vga cord for my desktop. I would like to use my hdmi cord to connect via tv however i've tried using several different tv's and none of them work. I do not think the hdmi cord is faulty either because my brothers toshiba laptop connected perfectly fine via the hdmi to the tv. I think it may be a setting issue and I do not know how to fix it... If someone can give me steps on how to change the settings I can use the vga cord to see what i'm doing... It would be more useful to use the hdmi as Not every tv accepts vga.. Thank for reading I hope I can recieve some help with this.

Normally it should just work using the HDMI cable but do try pressing the Windows key + P at the same time while using the VGA connected monitor then select Duplicate Display and press Enter. Disconnect the VGA cable then connect the monitor using the HDMI cable and see if that will solve the problem. :)