Trying to Find a Decent Laptop for Lightweight Gaming.

Jul 2, 2018
Hello, I'm new to this site, and I'm trying to find the right specs for a gaming laptop, while I'm at college. I'm looking for something around or just under the $1000 range. I will mostly be playing indie titles like Shovel Knight, Hollow Knight, Darkest Dungeon, Don't Starve, and Terraria. As far as AAA titles are concerned, it would be something older like Skyrim, and I'm not really much for competitive online multiplayer, besides a few co-op games.

I poked around the internet for some specs to be on the look out for. I hear an SSD is good for a lasting laptop and performance. GTX 1050 looks to be the right kinda graphics card. As far as cores are concerned I'm not sure what the impact in performance of an i7 vs and i5 will have on my gaming. Aside from gaming, I'll just be using Microsoft Office for my classes at college and so forth.

Another note is just having a lower profile in terms of computer size. Seems like gaming laptops even on the budget ends are massive. I just want to be able to fit it into a backpack (mine is fairly big), without it eating nearly all its space.

it seemed like an HP Pavilion 15t (7700 HQ, GTX 1050) would work, (it's also on sale at Sam's Club, and I like their warranties), but I'm not really sure if it's overqualified or underqualified, since the subject of buying gaming laptops appears to have no simple answer.

Thanks for reading through my post, it was a bit lengthy, and looking forward to a reply.