Turn headphone into a headset?


Jul 4, 2013
So Im going to be starting youtube soon and I want to do commentaries but I dont have the money to buy a good microphone. I am also on the xbox so the headset is 2.5mm. What Im going to do is use my xbox mic to talk to my friends and use my headset to record, so I would have 2 headsets on my neck/head. I saw this one attachment that you put on your headphones, but its $50 and I only have money for a capture card. I was wondering if there was any cheaper way to do this/ alternative way. Any response would help :D


the $50 attachment is likely the modmic. there is a cheaper option called the moovmic which runs about $18 on amazon however its also not as good.

another thing you could do is get a replacement mic for any of the headsets with removeable boom microphones and attach it to your headphones. you can see a guide on what i'm talking about and how to do it in my headphone guide (click headphones in my signature)

these will all be 3.5mm however you can get a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter for as low as $1-2 on amazon.
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