Question turning an old yamaha receiver bluetooth

Jun 26, 2019
Hi, I have an old yamaha receiver that I am hoping to turn bluetooth with an adaptor: My question is, if I do this, am i then able to connect bluetooth speakers to it to then play music from my phone, but also play music from a connected record player? Or would I only be able to use wired speakers?
To send audio from the receiver to bluetooth speakers you would connect a BT transmitter to a fixed line level (record) output on it. Any analog source would work. Digital sources might not since many receivers won't convert digital to analog.
To send audio from you phone to it you would connect a BT receiver to an input of it.
You could pair the phone with the BT receiver and the BT speakers with the BT transmitter to get it to work.
You may notice delay problems if you can hear the BT speakers in the receiver room. Low latency BT gear will minimize but may not eliminate that.
The best solution would be to us Sonos or Denon Heos products. Much more flexible. A Sonos Connect or HeosLink would act as both receiver and transmitter for the Yamaha.
Since they are actually sources your phone would only need to be a remote for them.
Each speaker (or pair of speakers) would be sources too so you could use them to play the same or different music at the same time. More expensive but much better.
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