Question Tv and soundbar


Jan 12, 2017
I have a TV and I want to add a soundbar to it.
The soundbar has a red white and black RCA connections plus a optical connection, but my TV which is new enough has only a red RCA connector but no optical connector.
TV has no bluetooth but soundbar does.
So what's the best way to connect to TV for the best sound.
If we knew the make and model numbers of the TV and soundbar we could give you a exact answer.
Red and white RCA jacks are usually for stereo audio but could be inputs or outputs. You need the TV to have outputs and a pair not a single one. If the TV has a stereo mini plug for analog audio output or headphones then you could use that.
Black is not a common color for an RCA jack so no way to ID it unless it is marked. A coax RCA digital audio output would be a single RCA jack but usually orange. If the TV has a coax digital audio output then a coax to optical converter would work.
Check the TV manual on how to use the audio outputs. They often have to be turned on, the TV speakers turned off, and the audio output type changed in the TV menu to get it working.