TV image/sound issue with receiver


Oct 31, 2015
I have a smart tv and just got a onkyo receiver to connect bose speakers - 5.1 setup. I get sound from my wireless system - iphone, pandora, etc., which is great. I got a PS3 connected and it works great. But when I attach my tv hdmi to the receiver and select TV, I get nothing. the tv plays on other source ports fine, but nothing when I choose that hdmi port from the receiver. I have an older smart tv I guess, so I attached the audio to the receiver with jacks just in case that was the prob. still nothing. then a friend tells me I also have to get a video optical cable? to attache the tv to the receiver or its a no-go. Is he right?
its entirely possible to connect a computer directly to the receiver and the receiver to the tv with hdmi...
and get audio and video. IF you have a full receiver (avr) unit not one of the cheap htib (home theater in a box) type sets.

hdmi > optical for quality. hdmi supports uncompressed 5.1 while optical only supports compressed audio for 5.1 (if your devices even support 5.1 over optical).

generally its highly suggested to route all input sources to the receiver's inputs then a single hdmi out to the tv from the receivers outputs. this means all audio and video gets routed through the receiver which allows you to switch it easily. with hdmi(ARC) its possible to use the tv as the hub instead however i'm still inclined to say the first way is ideal.

i'm running pc->avr->tv on an older non-smart tv as my daily driver and have been for over 5 years.
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