TV shows static with numerous different devices, I have no where to turn to now


Aug 18, 2015
This has been tormenting me for the past couple days now. All I wanted to do was to plug in an hdmi cable to my computer and to my tv to play a movie for the family and at first, it didn't work. The TV would show "no signal" although my computer clearly recognized that it had an external display. Even after playing with projector settings and display settings and of the like, the monitor would turn black and then the TV would still show up as "no signal".

The work around was to try and use a chromecast and stream the movie from the computer to the TV. However, I was confronted with a problem. A very loud static noise began with the screen flashing lights with most of the bottom half flashing with static. You could still see the chromecast background behind it but it was nearly impossible to stare at it.

It looks like this :

So the workaround to the workaround was to stream with an apple TV but again, the same exact issue popped up.

It looks like this:

A day after, I remembered I had a dvd player so I thought of burning the movie to a disc and playing it from there. This was an hour ago and I just recently found out that the same exact noise and flashing lights occurred from the dvd player.

It looks like this:

The only thing that seems to work normally is cable, however, 4 other devices failed to properly connect to it, 3 of which had the static covering most of the screen.

The only thing the 4 have in common is that they use an HDMI cable, however, I attempted to swap out different cables, I have changed the ports several times and have had no luck whatsoever.

Google doesn't seem to be helping an awful lot and tech support didn't either, as they referred me to technicians in my area.

The TV is an LG 42LD550 model and is 4 years old.

I know this a long read but someone PLEASE help.


The first thing would be to try some different HDMI cables, and different HDMI ports, but it sounds like you did this.

I would also try to hook up these devices via the HDMI to a different TV set and see if the issue persists or resolves.

My other thought is to connect the device via component inputs and see what happens, the so called "Analog hole."
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