Question TV turning on and off when hitting every button but there’s more

Feb 17, 2021
OK I’ll try to explain this the best I can. My sharp TV in my room turns on and off by itself and also when I touch every button on the remote it turns off or on and even when I touch the buttons on the panel it does the same thing. Now here’s the catch. I unplug the TV and brought it into the living room and plug it in and it works fine. Now I took the TV back in my room and ran an extension cord to the outlet in the living room and the TV did the same thing in my room. Now to make things even more crazy. I took The TV that stays in the living roomliving room and brought it into my room and plugged it in and it did the same thing, turned off and on even when I touched every button on the remote or the side panel. Brought that TV back into the living room and it works fine. I hope this makes sense. Can somebody please help me with what might be going on because this does not make sense at all.
So two TVs are having problems only while being inside your room?
Which Sharp TV and other model is it exactly?
update the firmware of the TVs
any other devices with remotes in your room? take all other remotes out of your room, eventually shutdown your smartphone or other devices as well if used as a remote (power off Alexa and similar)

Did you plug in anything other than the power plug to the TVs ?
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