Question TX3 mini slow download speed

Jun 24, 2019
Hello, I’ve recently moved to a rural community where 25mbs is the top speed, which I didn’t think would be an issue with an ethernet cord to the box, but speed test is showing 3-5mbs download speed and a 10mbs upload speed. All other devices are showing a full 20-25mbs via wifi. Using a new Smart RG modem through Primus.

Anyone know of any solutions to the slow speed? Wifi to the box also has low speeds, and I’ve restarted the router several times. Thanks in advance.
Looks like the box is just rinning in 10Mbit mode and not 100Mbit mode while using a cable. Try a different cable.

Wifi might be too far away

update the router and box firmware

which router is it?

Is anyone else using the same bandwidth of the router at the same time?