Un-finished Santa Rosa laptop lineup

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Feb 3, 2006
Let me see what is out there.
In the 12.1" market, they rarely come with powerful GPU's, but since that's not what you're looking for, you shouldn't have a problem.

The problem is going to be the 6 - 8 hours battery life you want. Honestly, that is going to be nearly impossible. They will tell you you're going to get about twice the battery life you are really going to get. That is just a given. Even machines that DO have incredibly long run times, quickly succumb to battery fatigue. That is like when you get a brand new phone, and you tell everyone how long the battery lasts, and in like a month you are like, "Man I have to charge this thing allot!"

Using a system, nearly always on battery power, the charging and de-charging of the battery, is going to chip away at the top end of the battery life.



Feb 18, 2006
I know that batteries do fade quite a bit over time. However, it's not the discharging and then charging them back up that kills them, it's the heat generated by the constant charging while the notebook is plugged in that really kills it. My old laptop (which had its power brick short out today, killing it :( ) originally had about a 3h 15m battery life. I used the first battery like everybody else does and just left it in the notebook at all times and had the notebook plugged in when it wasn't running on battery. The battery life dropped to about 1 hour within a year and a half and then died completely at a little shy of 3 years. I then got another battery for it and this time removed the battery from the computer when it was not being used or charged. Two years later, the battery had about 2h 20m life left in it.

So if a battery is rated at 8 hours new, then I suppose it should yield >= 6 hours up until roughly 1.5-ish years of age if I treat it well. That's not bad. I really need something with about 4-ish hours of charge in it and a 1 hour charging period, so an 8-hour battery should get me about 2.5-3 years of life at >= 4 hours runtime. I'll buy a new battery after that. I just don't want to buy a computer with 4 hours originally and then not be able to last through the 4-hour lectures in the morning anymore by the time spring rolls around.


Feb 3, 2006
Toshiba x205 now available for preorder. 8700 with 512MB of VRAM. Expensive though.
Wow... you ain't kidding!
Toshiba 2GB PC2-5300 DDR2-667MHz Notebook Memory Module Save 10% Instantly [$899.99]
$899 for 2 GB RAM!?!
Why did they go with only WXGA+ 1440x900 resolution?
I mean, it is personal preference, but many people are going to want more than that.
I don't see anywhere that I can configure a higher processor for the notebook either.


Jan 5, 2007
Well, toshiba offers a resolution up to WUXGA, its just not shown in the link given.

As for RAM, well, its pretty much the same for apple, dell, sony, etc... they all rip you off with updgrades like that... so u get 512mb ram (if possible) and upgrade it urself with parts u buy @ newegg.com.

K|N, is your Executioner-SR using the M570ru?


Mar 26, 2007
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ok lol i get the message...i wont ask about the chassis anymore

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Then I will have a bunch of people here saying they have the same thing and it will degrade into my repeating over and over the mantra of the differences and we already went through all that with the Executioner.

I don't think that's his favorite question...


LOL... you liked that response.

Hey, the important thing is today I surpassed 1,250 sniper kills online on Resistance Fall of Man.

Hehe, I love that picture. It was th background on my desktop for almost a year a while back.

Everytime you ask that question K|N kills a puppy.... 8O Well, hopefully not, but that's what the picture is supposed to imply lol (except not about the question, well you get the idea)
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