Upgrade CPU laptop


Nov 29, 2013
short answer. no.

long answer: while the mothreboard MAY support an upgrade to a 3 or 2 gen i3 based on the FCPGA988 socket the laptop cpus are not designed to be ugprade-able like the desktop ones. the cooling solution MIGHT not handle the new cpu, and on top of that laptop motherboards have far fewer cpu upgrade paths. (there's usually 0 documentation to find out if the motherboard will work with the new cpu, except for trusting that the socket being the same is enough - and that's not always the case!) at best, you could trust that maybe if lenovo has the same laptop line with an i3 then they used the same motherboard and thus it might be compatible...

there's a very high chance that you might break the motherboard or socket when you try to take out the old cpu (depending how badly the cpu has stuck/fused to the socket). it's also very very hard to find an old i3 based on the FCPGA988 socket since it's been eol for quite some time.

if you've never disassembled a laptop all the way to taking the cpu out don't even think about it.

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