Upgrade Laptop DVD Burner


Jun 17, 2008
I have a Fujitsu N6010 laptop with a cr*p DVD burner that has been giving me "issues" ever since I got it. The DVD burner is a Matsushita UJ830S (there's an operative word in there). As such I'm wondering the following:
1) How easy it is to upgrade my internal DVD burner?
2) What checks I need to make before buying one, i.e to prevent compatibility issues with my system.
3) Any advice on a good brand / model of laptop DVD burner to get.

Thanks in advance for your help...
1) shouldn't be hard. At worst it would require you to open the case of the laptop, remove a few screws and slide it out.

2) Just check what kind of interface it uses and buy one with the same type.

3) Lite-on or Samsung, Sony if you had to.