Solved! Upgrade TV 42" to 55"?


Dec 7, 2013
I have had my 42" TV for 9 years and still functions fine. I have been tempted, lately, to buy a larger,4K tv.

I was looking at a 55" TV but when I went to Best Buy, I could have sworn that the 55" was the same size I already have (The bezel is probably throwing me off).

I also saw all the much larger TVs and now I am wondering, is 42" to 55" a big enough jump? I would love to hear back from anyone with similar size upgrades. Thanks for the feedback.
It really depends on your mounting location and the distance you are sitting, those are your numbers, and other environmental perceptions.

I am sitting 10 ft from my old 46 and going to 55 didn't make a huge difference, but my back wall is kind of spread out.

So I moved the 46 to my bedroom replacing a 40 (same view distance) and that was HUGE to me. I think it has to do with a small wall, that while in the living room I want immersion, in the bedroom that is not my desire, just something playing to start me to sleep, and also because of the dimmer light in the BR, and my 46 has a thick bezel as well.

I suggest cut a cardboard of the size of the new TV, with or without bezel up to you, and mount it on, sit on your couch and then go from there.