Upgrading Laptop RAM and Video Memory

Jan 21, 2019
I'm having an issues with my laptop's RAM and video memory. I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series (AMD A8-7410 APU w/ AMD Radeon R5 Graphics @ 2.20GHz). I have 6gb of RAM (DDR3L SDRAM @1600, about 5gb usable) but I need a minimum of 8. I have 1gb of video memory but I need a minimum of 2. My goal is to reach or exceed these figures so that I am able to play some games on my laptop. Is it possible to reach these specs with this laptop?
RAM easy, video memory is set in the BIOS, although you may see something in the video card options. You probably have a 4gb and a 2gb RAM stick, repalce the 2gb one with a 4gb stick.

Keep in mind you won't get much of a speed boost, the core hardware is still the same speed, that is probably 90% of the speed. Dual channel RAM can increase video speed in shared memory systems but not by a huge amount.