Solved! USB issues with sharp tv

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I will have you refer to the Sharp's manual.

Not all TV USB ports are the same, each brand/model comes with different capabilities. Your manual should spell out most exactly what it can/cannot do.


Sep 11, 2017
I have an older sharp TV with 2 USB ports that are capable of playing photos, video or music but neither port will recognize the USB drive. It blinks the drive light like it's reading the $ive but it just says USB MEMORY IS DISCONNECTED. PLEASE CHECK CONNECTION.
I have mp3s in various bit rates including variable, movies in every conceivable format flv, wmv, avi, MP4, mov, mkv, etc. And pictures in every format and nothing is read.
The drive is fotmatted on windows using default for the device.
I think it's a firmware issue that is not available anymore and previous owner never did any updates. I tried both ports 4 different drives and it's always the same. It's a shame because that's a fantastic feature to have on any TV!
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