Question Use Laptop to access Headless CPU??


Mar 24, 2017
I have a remote CPU (it’s Bahamas and I’m in Canada) which does not have a monitor currently connected.

Originally, it was set up with a TeamViewer account so I could access the system from Canada. However, the system down there has changed hands and the TeamViewer account cancelled because the first guy went belly up. So, no client paying for TV = no TV. I use Splashtop for my own business to provide client support etc.

The new client in Bahamas was able to get me a Splashtop code to log into his computer – so I’ve verified both the LTE internet connection has been reactivated successfully and that the CPU is online – I was able to ping it.

My question is – can I somehow use my remote log in to the clients laptop on the same LAN to gain access to the headless CPU?? I think both are running Windows 10.
NOTE: client is trying to source a monitor etc. so I can just have him download the sos support software directly to it - but its difficult because the region is recovering from a hurricane.
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As long as you can reach that system, and it's turned on with remote control enabled you can remote into it.

If you can connect to the laptop that has a connection to that computer you can use that to hop into the computer.
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