Using a different charger to charge my laptop

Oct 18, 2018

I have Lenovo Y580 with 120W charger; voltage: 19.5V, amperage: 6.15A. It has been working very well all these years but suddenly died today. Ordered a new one just a few minutes ago with expected arrival on Monday at the earliest. Normally I would simply wait; however I need a device to work on during the weekend. And that is why I am asking you - can I use for these few days a 90W charger with 19V voltage and 4.74A amperage without risking my battery's and/or laptop's life?

Thank you in advance,


Oct 18, 2006
If the polarity of the charging socket is reversed (no industry standard) you could damage the motherboard.

You also risk overheating the 90w power supply if the laptop try’s to draw 120w.
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