Question Using a Japan Docomo Pixel 3a in the UK

Aug 26, 2019
I decided to buy a Docomo Pixel 3a but before I do can you please help with some questions?
I am British but live permanently in Japan,I bought an i phone 7 almost six months ago and Docomo told me they can unlock and make it sim free next month.

However my wife wants the Pixel 3a .Very possibly we will move back to the UK although we have no definite dates yet but ,probably within the next year or so.Then we will stay in England at least three months or even up to a year and again return to Japan..My wife needs the phone asap,but first I want to know if it can be used ok in the UK,London area mainly. The seller/carrier is NTT DOCOMO,and they said as I will buy the phone handset cash they can make it unlocked sim free anytime.
Looks like all monthly plans in Japan are usually for a fixed two years here so I will pay a bit more and get a monthly NOT fixed plan.Sounds better as we may have to leave Japan at short notice!

Does the Pixel 3a have the necessary specs that enables it to be used ok in the UK?
Your advice please. Thanks
You are going to need to contact the carrier/service provider that you would use in the UK and confirm with them that the phone you are wanting to use will work there. NOTE Make sure you tell them what company you are using as a carrier/service provider in Japan as that will make a difference. Not all devices work with all carriers/service providers.