Question Verizon Voice Mail "envelope information" doesn't include phone number, only greeting

Apr 12, 2022

I have a Moto e6 XT2005DL phone, (Tracfone) using VERIZON service

Last night, while my phone was off, I received a "butt dialed" voice mail message. It wasn't spam or robo call, but a person not realizing they had dialed a number.

While listening to the message, I pressed "5" to get "envelope information" about the message. It did NOT include the phone number from which the message was left, only the persons voicemail "greeting" name. (which is useless to me).

I found another post on the Verizon community board back in 2016 about this very problem, and no one adequately answered it.

I figured before I join the Verizon community just for this problem, I would try this forum, since I already have a username.

Here is a link to the Verizon post (2016). According to one of the responses on that board, if a Verizon customer has "personalized" his/her voicemail greeting, then another Verizon customer will only hear the greeting, rather than hear the phone number of the caller. That's just stupid lol.

So "Santa Claus" could be leaving threatening voicemails, and that's all the info I get? No phone number? Just Santa Claus? :rolleyes:

Anyone else experience this? I've checked the voicemail settings on Verizon. Nothing can be done from what I can see. Maybe a third-party App?

thanks all.