Very slow progress when installing using dz repack team or black box setup

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Anan Mughari

May 26, 2015
Hello Experts
My name is Anan and I am an arabic guy
and sorry if my english was not perfect .
Now. my problem that i have a very good laptop with good specs and good performance
but when i want to install a full repack games that ripped by blackbox team or dz repack team
the installation time spend over 5 hours
for example i downloaded Batman Arkham Knight from Here
the normal time it takes do not exceed 2.5 hours
on my laptop it took over 10 hours so does a lot of repacked games from dzrepackteam and blackboxrepack
I installed the same version of the game on my friend's pc that has 4 gb ram and intel core i3 cpu
it took just 2 hours

My laptop HP ProBook 450 G1 specs:
RAM 8 gb ddr3
CPU core i5 4200M 2.5 GHz
OS WIN 8.1 pro 64bit
so i think these specs means very good performance and speed

Please, Any thing that may be of useful to help me and make me understand what is the reason of this slow progress specially in installing repacked games
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