very slow upon opening DSP 8 arc audio program on acer aspire one,how to solve?


Mar 11, 2016
so i have an acer aspire one and it's actually pretty fast on booting and other kinds of program like storage,wndows live messenger and others,but this DSP 8 arc audio program(a program for car audio equalizer) is really slow,it takes around 20 minutes to showed up,sometimes an hour.It's really weird to see this especially when the other program were fast.i'm using windows xp home edition sp3.Can you guys please help me solving this?
It sounds like the program is a bit to intense for your system. Leading it to take forever to load.

You may want to try starting the system and only opening that program, or if you have opened others rebooting before you launch that one, but in the end, it sounds like your system, without some upgrading, just isn't made to handle that program.